Sunday, March 10, 2013

Title: Ancient Artifacts
Topic: Material Culture

Relation: Ancient Pottery is linked to material culture because it shows how our ancestors used the earth to their advantage and be able to be more productive in making their food and increasing their knowledge about different types of ways to prepare food. Material culture refers mostly to pysical objects that people use to define their culture. These physical objects include communities, homes, schools, places of worship, stores, etc.

Source: My research was from

Description: In the article , "Artifacts in Archaeology: Understanding Material Culture & Ancient Technologies," it tells about how the manufacturing of artifacts seperates us from other species. In order to comprehend our "human past" archaeologists have to take time evaluating each article that they find. Archaeologist may at times find it hard to interpret the data that they have collected, such as stone tools. Stone toolds are not like today's technology. They have also made mistakes in using present day comparisons to try to understand the use of the artifacts.

Analysis: Finding out how our ancestors used tools and built structures could help our present day culture by letting us know of technologies that may have been lost forever. Millions of years from now, what will be found from our present day cuture? Maybe a cup that was made in China and sold at "The Pottery Barn" or a painting from a local artist. I think that knowing what was in our past is key to help us grow as a community.

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