Sunday, February 17, 2013

Title: Food Culture
Topic: Modern World of Food
Relation: Week 3 lecture "Cultural Change," identifying change in a culture.

Source: The resources that I used for my blog came a youtube video called "Bushmen Buisness," 

Description: This video shows how the elders are trying to pass on their rituals to the younger generation. It shows the difficulties that the "bushmen" face as they are pulled into the idea of being "modern." Instead of going out and picking your own spices and veggies from the forest, the modern world is teaching the younger generation to rely on a store. In the video, it shows that for a boy to become a man he must be taught by his elders and then when he is ready he must go out into the wilderness and hunt. He must then be able to bring his food back to his home, then he would be considered a man.

Analysis: I think that in our society many people would not even consider the fact of going out into the forest and gathering dinner. This fact is very sad to me, I think that many people rely too much on what is grown and produced by other people. I am not saying that it isn't a good idea to trade with each other, I am saying that it is wise to be able to grow and produce the food and neccessities that "you" need to be able to grow and help the community.

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